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Performance characteristics of CPVC water supply pipe

Update:11 Oct 2017

   1, Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride tube tensile stren […]

   1, Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride tube tensile strength, bending strength, bending modulus and pressure capacity are higher than the polyethylene pipe, PVC pipe and polypropylene tube.
   2, Chemical resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance than PVC pipe.
   3, The delivery of drinking water from the impact of chlorine in water to ensure the quality of drinking water.
   4, Excellent flame resistance, combustion does not produce dripping, burning and slow diffusion, do not produce toxic gases.
   5, Good flexibility, easy installation, can be connected with a solvent.
   Applications: landscaping works, water works, paper factories, electrical engineering, brewing fermentation plants, construction works, electroplating plants, sewer works, agricultural land, telecommunications engineering, mining, drilling engineering, aquaculture, brine engineering, highway Engineering, natural gas engineering, golf course engineering, chemical plants, plastic rafts for fisheries