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PVC electrical pipe

Update:31 Oct 2017

   PVC electrical tube, and commonly known as threading […]

   PVC electrical tube, and commonly known as threading, home decoration in the indispensable important material, it makes the complex circuit has a clear coherent ownership, they are hidden in the wall, so that the family circuit of the road, all-round protection of household electricity Security, while easy to post-line maintenance, modification and expansion.

PVC electrical tube can be bent and sealed safe and reliable, its variety, complete specifications, for different needs of the project selection, in the daily production and life has been widely used. Here we come to understand its performance characteristics:

1, impact heat: the catheter in the concrete pouring process, can withstand the normal tamping impact without rupture, and in the concrete coagulation, will not soften deformation.

2, compression: PVC electric tube medium-sized catheter and heavy-duty ducts can withstand 750N and 1250N above the pressure, it can be installed can also be installed in the concrete, will not be under pressure, which is particularly suitable for heavy pipe series Tamping and vibrating concrete.

3, flame retardant: PVC electrical tube has a high oxygen index value, so the catheter is not easy to burn, and from the fire that self-extinguishing, the flame will not spread along the pipe.

4, insulation: in the immersion state AC2000V, 50HZ will not breakdown, excellent insulation performance, it can effectively prevent accidental leakage, electric shock.

5, corrosion-resistant, pest control: PVC pipe acid and alkali excellent, not rust, and does not contain plasticizers, no insects to attract the smell, so no pests.

6, easy construction: catheter cut off convenient, D32 below the catheter into the corresponding special spring, at room temperature can be bent to the desired angle. With the PVC adhesive can be easily connected to the construction of the required shape.