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PVC pipe 3 kinds of cleaning methods

Update:19 Dec 2017

     No matter what kind of pipe is a long time are nee […]

     No matter what kind of pipe is a long time are needed to be cleaned, so the PVC pipe is also true, then in order to make everyone more convenient when cleaning, the following for everyone to introduce the three kinds of cleaning products, I hope everyone will harvest .
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1, chemical cleaning: chemical cleaning PVC pipe is the use of chemical agents, the temporary transformation of the pipeline, with temporary pipeline and circulating pump station from both ends of the pipeline for chemical cleaning cycle;
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2, PIG pigging: PIG pigging technology is driven by the pump to promote the fluid generated by driving PIG (pig) to promote the tube forward, will accumulate in the PVC pipe dirt out of the tube, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning;
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3, high-pressure water cleaning: The use of high pressure water jet above 50Mpa, PVC pipe surface dirt stripping high pressure water jet cleaning. The technology is mainly used for short-distance pipelines, and the pipe diameter must be greater than 50cm.
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The above is the knowledge sharing of today's PVC tube, but also hope to be helpful to you, we master these so when cleaning will be relatively simple, but also will extend the life of the product.