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PVC pipe installation and construction of eight elements

Update:27 Nov 2017

In order to ensure good use of PVC pipe environment, to […]

In order to ensure good use of PVC pipe environment, to avoid the external load, to achieve the expected life, it should be a reasonable layout and laying of pipelines. In order to ensure the scientific and reasonable installation, then the installation of PVC pipes need to follow certain installation design principles.
1, the pipeline should be generally clear, in the pipeline may be subject to collision, should be dark or take protective measures.

2, the next set of water supply pipe should be arranged in the water supply large sanitary appliances or equipment near the wall, corner or column.

3, PVC pipes shall not cross the bedroom, storage room, shall not cross the flue, duct.

4, laid in the outdoor water supply pipe by the sun should be light insulation materials.

5, Concealed pipe is not allowed to touch organic chemicals such as waterproof coating, so as not to affect the water quality damage to the pipeline.

6, the pipe through the roof and basement should be set metal flexible waterproof casing and waterproofing measures.

7, PVC water supply pipe and other pipe with the same ditch (frame) parallel laying should be arranged along the ditch (frame), laying up and down parallel, shall not be laid in the hot water pipe or steam pipe above, and the plane position should be staggered; and When laying other pipelines, protective measures should be taken or metal sleeves should be used for protection.

8, PVC water supply pipe should be far away from the heat source, stand pipe from the edge of the kitchen not less than 400 mm clearance, and the clear spacing of the heating pipe shall not be less than 200 mm, and shall not heat the outer tube wall temperature is higher than 40 ℃.

PVC pipe installation is not blindly follow the steps, in order to ensure long-term use, to reduce the failure, then the installation is the need for a certain design, the design of these principles is to take into account these factors were summarized.