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PVC pipe production of raw materials and formulations

Update:26 Dec 2017

Because of the design of industrial buildings, PVC rigi […]

Because of the design of industrial buildings, PVC rigid pipe used in large quantities, so specialized in the production of PVC plastic pipe manufacturers are more and more. Because of this,PVC pipe raw materials and formulations, is now no secret in the industry. With everyone to understand below, PVC pipe raw materials and formulations have what?
First, PVC resin is the basic raw material for the production of rigid pipe. In general, the raw materials for the production of water supply pipe, to use the health, environmental protection, high-quality PVC resin; and for the production of high voltage wire, cable pipe materials, as long as the choice of impurities containing a certain level of secondary PVC resin can It's
Second, pvc pipe raw materials can not be separated using a certain stabilizer. PVC pipe production now commonly used stabilizer, there are two main:
A, heavy metal-containing stabilizer. These heavy metals for pipe stabilizers, because of the user's human body, more or less will cause some harm, so PVC plastic pipe production process standards, in which the content of heavy metal stabilizer, can not exceed one percent;
B , the use of complex heavy metals, such as composite lead, composite tin, composite rare earth as a stabilizer. This compound stabilizer on human injury is relatively small, it is often used in the manufacture of water supply pipe above.
Third, in addition to resins and stabilizers, pvc pipe raw materials also need some filler and modifier. The purpose of adding filler is to reduce the cost of pipe manufacturing; add modifier, is to increase the quality of the pipe. For example, the appropriate increase in white dye, can make a significant improvement in the appearance of the pipe; and appropriate increase in impact modifier, can greatly increase the pipe impact resistance and toughness.