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PVC-U pipeline repair methods of water leakage

Update:11 Dec 2017

According to the water leakage, PVC-U pipeline maintena […]

According to the water leakage, PVC-U pipeline maintenance can be used for pipe replacement, fill cement, FRP and welding methods such as repair:

1, The pipe is damaged in large areas need to replace the entire section of pipe, double socket (live pipe fittings) can be used to connect the replacement pipe. This method should pay attention to the construction of the pipe beveling to form beveling, and the original pipe and insert the pipe end of pipe to be inserted into the length of the marking line.

2, Fill the adhesive method is mainly for the pipe through the hole and leakage joints situation. Select the same diameter pipe length of about 15 ~ 20cm, cut it longitudinally, according to the adhesive joint procedure to be the inner surface of the pipe and pipe to be complementing the surface of the hair, glue after the leak tight place can be set.

3, FRP method is to use epoxy resin curing agent dubbed the resin solution, impregnated with glass fiber cloth resin solution and then evenly wrapped in the pipe or joint leakage, after the glass fiber reinforced plastic can be trapped trap. When conditions may also be in the leakage point plus stainless steel clamp to clamp the glass fiber cloth.